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  • Chance Liscomb

Which came first — the chicken or the egg?

Being an artist is tough. There are so many areas that need to be met so that an artist can create. I relate being an artist to the life of a chicken… short if the hen’s basic needs are not met you won't get eggs.

Fickle as chickens are, so are artists. I am not able to create art with the mantel of responsibilities looming over me. If my finances or responsibilities are not in order I cannot focus on art. I cannot cultivate ideas, much less execute them. I am fortunate and grateful for my wife who provides both the stimulus and stability to create and express myself. However, without her I would be forced to provide a nest and the stability first and create second. In the past I had to do just that.

For the past 25 years I've been providing for my family and creating art on the side — finding times to create when the kids were asleep or in between jobs. But the time has come to go full out into my true calling as an artist. I'm finding it difficult to completely let go of my business and work full time as an artist. I'm still teetering on the perch, but I am exercising my wings. Recently, I have had a successful art career and wish I would have left the roost five years ago. It hasn’t been easy. Moving to Michigan has taken time to rebuild clients and collectors and show my talent to the world.

As I go forward as an artist I believe my work will only become stronger and more cohesive. I feel I have always had disjointed art shows making pieces here and there and then cobbling a show together. There is something very creative about doing this and pulling it off time and time again. At times I have counted my eggs before they hatched–buying paints and welding rods before groceries so I could continue to create.

I am so delighted to step into the full time art career that I have longed for. No more scratching in the yard or running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to make ends meet.

I've flown the coop to a new fully equipped studio and the eggs are forthcoming. All my journals, sketches, and ideas will be realized in form. Commissions that I have been brooding over will hatch. Sculptures will be built and shows will be stellar. I can't wait!


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