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"Art embodies a sense of decisive freedom. My style of artistic liberty gives special weight to creation and itself. It is a spiritual activity rather some fixed ideal imitation and careful planning. It may be said that my works of art are reflective to my travels, dreams, thoughts, wit and heart made public through what I believe to be clever resourcefulness."

Instead of the usual, boring resume-type biography, I thought I'd just tell you a bit about myself. So, here goes.


I was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1966.  My parents moved to a valley flanked by two mountains and a north-running river called the Shenandoah. I grew up on this river and a rope swing. I am the second oldest in a family of seven brothers and sisters — all of whom I am close with. My upbringing was both extraordinarily unconventional and excitingly rich in a variety of experiences and opportunities. I always have taken the road less travelled; and this has made all the difference. My parents, both artists, influenced me as a child — and continue to create work and inspire me. My mom (a painter) nurtured my creative side and saw my gift early. She instilled in me a curiosity for life and people from around the world. Dad (a sculptor) developed my skills and provided me with an unprecedented platform to create art. His humor, ability to play on words, and unmatched resourcefulness have given me an advantage in working comfortably in many mediums.


I joined the Peace Corps and went to West Africa. There I became absorbed in traditional African art. The Malians are exceptionally skilled and accomplished artisans ‚ and I learned of many traditional techniques. I am grateful for my Mali experience as well as all the other travels I had abroad. These helped shape me as a person — and as an artist — and have given me many different lenses to look through. Upon returning from Mali, I earned another degree in education and went to teach in the Canary Islands. I surfed each day, ate wonderful food, and bought a welder. I built hundreds of sculptures under the blazing sun on a terracotta roof top. Some were good and some were not so good — but they all found homes after each art show. It was here I realized and acknowledged that I had a real gift.



After three years in the islands, I returned home to Virginia, started a family, and earned a master's degree in sculpture and painting. I continued teaching and practicing and have not stopped in some thirty years.


I now reside in Michigan where I work on my sculptures and paintings each week. My wife is my river of stability, inspiration, and light who affords me to create. Without her, I'd be digging ditches or wasting my talent. I have exhibited my sculptures and paintings in galleries locally and abroad and I am represented in two different galleries in two different states. I create many commissioned pieces, and work independently with galleries, collectors, organizations, and communities throughout Michigan and Virginia. I live in Lansing with my wife, our two dogs, four chickens, and a cat.  I'm very grateful for where I am now and the metropolitan atmosphere in which I live — and I know my future is dazzling.  

Want to learn more about how I became an artist, how my mind works (maybe) and some of the projects I've worked on? Then please be sure to read my blog on this website. I'll also be sharing on Facebook once or twice a month, and you can follow me there!

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