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"Art, to me, is a form of liberating expression. My style embraces the freedom of creation, treating it as a spiritual activity rather than a rigid imitation or meticulously planned endeavor. My artworks mirror my travels, dreams, thoughts, wit, and heart, all shared with the world through what I consider clever resourcefulness."

Born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1966, I grew up surrounded by the scenic beauty of a valley nestled between two mountains and the Shenandoah River. The second oldest of seven siblings, my unconventional upbringing was filled with exciting experiences. Raised by artist parents—my mom, a painter, and dad, a sculptor—I was nurtured creatively from an early age. Their influence sparked my curiosity for life and diverse cultures.


Venturing into the Peace Corps led me to West Africa, where I immersed myself in traditional African art, learning invaluable techniques from skilled Malian artisans. Traveling abroad shaped both my personal and artistic perspectives. Returning from Mali, I obtained another degree in education and taught in the Canary Islands while honing my sculpting skills.


After three years abroad, I returned to Virginia, started a family, and earned a master's degree in sculpture and painting. With over thirty years of teaching and creating art, I currently reside in Michigan. My sculptures and paintings have been showcased locally and internationally, represented in galleries across two states. Collaborating with galleries, collectors, and communities in Michigan and Virginia, I create commissioned pieces. Grateful for my supportive wife and the metropolitan atmosphere of Lansing, Michigan, I continue to envision a dazzling future.


To delve deeper into my artistic journey, insights into my creative process, and the projects I've undertaken, explore my blog on this website. Stay updated by following my Facebook page for regular shares.

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