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There's immense joy in crafting from discovered resources. Working with repurposed materials offers each creation a unique opportunity to tell its own story. My metal sculptures embody my values—a harmonious blend of health, work, play, and spirit, promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Exploring scrapyards fuels not only my material collection but also rejuvenates my whimsical creativity. I find endless possibilities in scrap, transforming what some deem useless into works of art. Instilled with the philosophy of creating with available resources from a young age, I collaborate with fellow artists to craft pieces that narrate unique stories. Reflecting my travels, dreams, and ongoing journey, my sculptures aim to captivate the eye, provoke the subconscious, and challenge the viewer.


 I am always creating new pieces. Click the link below to see current pieces that are available.


It may be said that my works of art are reflective to my travels, dreams, thoughts, wit, and heart — made public through what I believe to be clever resourcefulness. Click the button below to see work that is in private collections.


Art embodies a sense of decisive freedom. My style of artistic liberty gives special weight to creation and itself. It is a spiritual activity rather than some fixed ideal imitation and careful planning. Click the button below to see more of my art.

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