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My metal sculpture is inspired by my values—maintaining a balance of health, work, play, and spirit to live a sustainable lifestyle. As a sculptor, I frequent scrapyards both for materials and to revitalize my inner excitement and whimsical mind. I love the possibilities of scrap. I have a gift to envision what others consider junk as a work of art. The philosophy of creating with what you have was instilled in me at a young age. Through the years I have been able to collaborate with other artists to create pieces of art that share a story. My pieces reflect my travels, dreams and a new journey. My aim is to pull in the eye, stir the subconscious, and challenge the viewer.


 I am always creating new pieces. Click the link below to see current pieces that are available.


It may be said that my works of art are reflective to my travels, dreams, thoughts, wit, and heart — made public through what I believe to be clever resourcefulness. Click the button below to see work that is in private collections.


Art embodies a sense of decisive freedom. My style of artistic liberty gives special weight to creation and itself. It is a spiritual activity rather than some fixed ideal imitation and careful planning. Click the button below to see more of my art.

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